"It is you, dear young people, who must show that faith is a personal decision which involves your whole life."
-Pope John Paul II

Saturday, 22 October 2011

7 quick reasons my Friday was AWESOME.

1. Mass. Jesus came to me—physically! He does every time I go to Mass, but that shouldn't make it any less special.

2. Holy Hour with Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. If you haven't read his book The World's First Love, I highly recommend it. The part I read yesterday really related to exactly where I am in my vocation discernment right now.
Every virgin yearns to become a mother, either physically or spiritually, for unless she creates, mothers, nurses, and fosters life, her heart is as uneasy and awkward as a giant ship in shallow waters. She has the vocation of generating life, either in the flesh or in the spirit through conversion...

On the other hand, every wife and mother strives for spiritual virginity in that she would like to take back what she has given, that she might offer it all over again, only this time more deeply, more piously, more divinely. There is something incomplete about virginity, something ungiven, unsurrendered, kept back. There is something lost in all motherhood: something given, something taken --- and something irrecoverable.
So, we always think the grass is greener on the other side. And finding my vocation is not going to make my life perfect. End of story. Or beginning? Nah, somewhere in the middle, which can be the best part! I mean, honestly, I'm definitely in the "spiritual motherhood stage" right now. And it's great, when I'm actually giving of myself... Sheen has something to say about that, too:
Woman's unhappiest moments are when she is unable to give; her most hellish moments are when she refuses to give.
How does he know?

3. 40 Days for Life. Peaceful prayer with students (and some wonderful old people) in front of the Ft. Myers Planned Parenthood. And one student-aged woman who we connected with, and she's coming on our retreat next weekend! She's quite beautiful, inside & out, and I'm excited to get to know her better.

4. Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Serious deliciousness. And really good conversation with students about pro-life issues and getting the Eagles for Life club on campus going, and going strong.

5. CRAFTERNOON!! Such a good time. This isn't an official count, but I believe there were about 15 ladies that came and went throughout the afternoon. Some fantastic projects were created!

6. Chinese take-out and reminiscing with students about last year. You know, I'd never had Chinese in one of those take out boxes before last night. I think it made the experience. :) That, and the (possibly?) drunk man who really liked my tie-dye shirt and offered us a deal where we got our groceries for half price...we didn't inquire further. We watched a very interesting DVD that someone had put together from some of the baking club meetings last year. Oh jeez. Then more crafts, a game of pool, and listening to girls giggle while laying on my living room floor. Love it.

7. METEOR SHOWER STARGAZING ON THE BEACH. Need I say more? A great ending to a great day. (My toes did get pretty cold, though...It was actually kinda chilly, even for a Northerner who likes to brag a little about how it's not cold at all in Florida right now...)

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