"It is you, dear young people, who must show that faith is a personal decision which involves your whole life."
-Pope John Paul II

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

FOCUS vision night event: "It's your move!"

So realized I didn't actually tell you about the event I alluded to in #1 of my last blog post, just pseudo-complained about it. Let me fix that for you and tell you about it, because it really was a great event. Each of my teammates and I spoke a little bit on FOCUS—basically what, how, and why we do what we do, and how we want to challenge the students. Brief synopsis:

Tom spoke about the conditions and realities in society and on college campuses—sin is rampant. People are looking for happiness, for joy, and they are turning to all of the wrong places to attempt to find it. And they're failing at finding that happiness, even if they don't realize it.

Steve then talked about FOCUS—a little bit about the organization, and why we are on college campuses. For more on the organization, take a look at our national website: www.focus.org. We're 13 years old and currently on 58 campuses! As to why we are on college campuses, two basic reasons: people are at turning points in their lives, really just starting to make a lot of big decisions on their own—decisions that will have huge impacts on the rest of their lives. And secondly, the future leaders of the WORLD are in college in the USA right now! If we can get them to see how important God is in their lives now, the world will be a different place in a few years! He also spoke about how we're all called to be missionaries, even if we don't think we're equipped to do so. He told a little bit of his story—he was really into the party scene in college, and all that that entails, when God called him by name and turned his life around. It's a beautiful story, but I won't go into it now.

Which leads in to my part of the talk—we are ALL called to be missionaries, to evangelize, wherever we are, and to whomever we are with. I talked about how Christ evangelized. He did some big group preaching, but he mainly just lived with and loved his disciples and apostles who were following Him. In doing so, he taught them how to truly live, and to truly love, and how to share His love with those around them.

I illustrated spiritual multiplication: if you reach out and invest deeply in two people, who go out and eventually do the same for two more people, who in turn teach two more people how to live & love like Christ....it just explodes exponentially. In 10 years you'll have reached 1,024 people. In 33 years, you and those you've touched will have reached some 8 BILLION people. And they'll all have deep friendships grounded in Christ. (P.S. that 8 billion doesn't even take into consideration that most people probably won't stop at just 2 people, if they truly believe that Christ is the Way, they're gonna want to share that with lots of people, and hopefully invest deeply in more than just 2 people.)

Then Melissa finished up by telling the students how they could specifically get involved in FOCUS at FGCU as student leaders. She talked about what FOCUS discipleship looks like, and how we try to live out the spiritual multiplication (or exponentiation, if that's a word...) that I talked about.

But yes, it was a good night. And I know that we really got some of the people there to think. So keep them in your prayers, please!!

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